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Dr. Arnie Kremer, DO

He started Del Mar Integrative Medicine because he has always desired to teach people how to live healthy and prosperous lives. Most recently he has developed an eating program that is based on the health concepts that he has studied over many years.  As Dr. Kremer puts it, “In all the years I’ve worked in the emergency department, I have seen that the major cause of disease is based on the lifestyle the people choose”. He has committed the entire Del Mar Integrative Medicine practice to help people change their present lifestyle to a better lifestyle and eventually the best!

Dr. Payam Zand, ND

Dr. Zand attended and graduated from Bastyr University, an accredited 4-year naturopathic medical school, in addition to a naturopathic residency in environmental health to become a licensed Naturopathic Physician. Bastyr University is the leading school Naturopathic medicine and seeks to combine cutting edge scientific evidence with a holistic, sustainable approach to healthcare. Dr. Zand believes that every patient is unique and thus each patient should be treated so. He does not subscribe to the idea of protocols or one size fits all medicine. Through the use of comprehensive laboratory blood testing, in-depth patient history, symptom assessment, and physical examination, a unique, customized treatment plan will be given to each individual, as each patient is treated as just that, an individual. Dr. Zand believes in identifying the root cause of patient’s illnesses, not just the palliation of symptoms.

Janet Newman, Medical Esthetician

Want smoother, more beautiful skin and face?
Want fat sucked away?

Janet Newman has been in the clinical industry of self-preservation and conservation of our most precious assets, our health for over 30 years.  She got her start with the importance of appearance’s organically as a professional model at eighteen. Learning how to maintain healthy boundaries, eating correctly, weight gain and teaching others to look their best with proper skincare, make-up techniques and now the tools we have available to ward off the aging process in a natural aspect.

Janet was licensed in California in Cosmetology in 1987 and earned a Certificate in Dermatologic Skin Care in 2014 to work within the medical offices of professionals helping men and women look and feel their best. Janet has worked for top plastic surgeons and dermatologist in San Diego. She is certified in over 12 different areas including product knowledge, mechanical and manual treatments to offer the clients an opportunity to experience expertise in unique skin care specialties for each individual. The knowledge of specialty products that accommodate the needs of problematic skin and areas of aging sagging skin is extensive.

Janet works closely with Dr. Kremer in integrating Botox, fillers and supplements as alternatives to laser, surgery and liposuction as we age.  Janet has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and is currently getting her Masters in the study of relationships in aging, the field of Gerontology. Janet also holds a national certificate in the field advocating for clients navigation the health care system.

Jamie Lee Tokubo DAOM (candidate) LAc. 

Want to eliminate an on-going pain in your body?
Want a holistic natural wellness diet?

It is the vision of Jamie Lee Tokubo at Tokubo Integrative Medicine to bring forth the very best diagnostic tools and treatment modalities from both Eastern and Western Medicine to the healing process of her patients. In consideration of their concerns, she works with her patients to design a protocol that best treats the why or the root of what is causing the disharmony in their health, whether physiological, physical, emotional, mental, and or spiritual. Jamie states, “When we treat the root of the problem or disharmony within the total body, we are successful in resolving the multitude of symptoms that cause it imbalance, and thus, create a balanced system within harmony.“

By nature Jamie is a minimalist in her treatment approach, in that she desires to create a platform for each and every patient that is sustainable, both pocket-book friendly as well as truly targeted to her patient’s essential needs. Not only does she practice acupuncture and Chinese medicine, she also relies on her background in physical therapy and functional medicine to provide treatment.  As needed, she will order and incorporate laboratory tests, read and interpret imaging scans, and work side by side with western medical doctors to enhance patient wellness. She also creates a personalized home self-care system that may consist of Eastern and Western herbal medicine, supplements, aromatherapy, and possibly holistic dietary recommendations, depending upon the concern at hand. 

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